Play Bingo w/out your Credit Card

Welcome to a world of bingo sites at your fingertips. At Ukash Bingo, we understand the prospect of so much choice at the touch of a button can be a little daunting, and that’s why we’ve stepped in to help.

Glossy Bingo

Ukash accepting Glossy Bingo offers hundreds of bingo and casino Microgaming titles. The bonuses and VIP program are stellar, and the first deposit can get you up to 400% cash match

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Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo

The bingo site from one of the UK’s best-loved bingo brands. Join now, deposit £10 – play with £50!! Mecca Bingo offers you fun online and mobile bingo games.

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Bingo Hollywood

Bingo Hollywood

AS SEEN ON TV! Bingo Hollywood is here to help you realize your star potential! Walk the pink carpet and you can find a stylish existence waiting… that and a glittering 300% first deposit bonus that can be claimed with Ukash vouchers.

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Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo gives you a 500% welcome bonus as well as the chance to spin the wheel for more bonuses! No matter the outcome, you’re guaranteed a bonus of £15! Deposit £10 and you will play with £60 at this flirtacious bingo site.

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Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo (by the Joy of Bingo network) offers players some juicy morsels of bingo goodness: first off, join and get a 200% bonus + £10 FREE! There are also weekly and monthly promotions that will make your head spin. Go on, check them out!

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Bingo Street

Bingo Street Review

Ever wanted to live in a place where the local community only cares about bingo? Well, clearly this site is right up your street! Move into Bingo Street and you can nab a 200% welcome bonus when you deposit with Ukash.

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As many players will be aware, Ukash is soon to be phased out and replaced by PaySafeCard. New Ukash cards are now no longer available to buy, and any current Ukash funds must be used up by October 31st.

So what are the differences between Ukash and PaySafeCard? For the most part, the two services are relatively similar; they are both a prepaid card onto which you can top up credit to be spent online using a code. However, PaySafeCard is more widely available, and also offers extra perks, such as a 24/7 helpline and a useful app, downloadable to your Android and iOS device to help you know how to use it. PaySafeCard also offers several other services for users to enjoy, including an international Mastercard which you can use anywhere in the world without having to worry about hidden fees.

Of course, until now this site has been primarily focused on bingo sites which offer Ukash, and with this new takeover we will be changing our focus ever so slightly. However, not to worry, we will continue to bring you all the latest news and information about the world of online bingo, and recommending the highest quality bingo sites which offer payment by e-wallet. These bingo sites offering alternative payment options will include PaySafeCard bingo, so overall, not much will change!

Mecca Bingo

Get an amazing 400% Bonus at Mecca Bingo! Play now!

What is Ukash?

This is a handy way to pay for anything online without ever having to divulge your details. You exchange your hard earned cash over the counter for a voucher, and it is the voucher code that you need when it comes to depositing. Once you have actually purchased the voucher, it is the quickest way to make instant deposits at any site, and the fact that you don’t ever have to input your private details to get that cash in your account means that you are eliminating yourself from the chances of becoming victim to benefit fraud or theft.

Why Use Ukash?

As well as being extremely quick, easy and secure to use, using a Ukash voucher means that you will pretty much have your pick of all the best bingo destinations. There are absolutely tonnes of Ukash Bingo websites and we have featured them all in reviews on our pages so that you can have expert help in finding the best one for you.

Using Ukash opens many bingo doors, so walk on through safely and securely. It is also a great way to keep track of your spending. Instead of spending frivolously and giving your credit or debit card, PayPal account or otherwise a bashing, you can only spend what you have on the voucher itself. If you want to spend more, you have to venture out and purchased another voucher, so using Ukash to deposit at a bingo site means curbing your bingo playing. You can swap as much as £200 for a voucher, so that should keep you going for a while!

Choosing the Best Ukash Bingo Site

There’s more on where to find Ukash and the sites that will accept it below, but for now you’re probably wondering how to choose the best site for you. Doing a simple Google search of ‘Ukash bingo sites UK’ will return 1000s of results. But don’t worry as these handy tips will no doubt help you out!

Keep an eye out for branding. This can usually be found at the very bottom of the homepage and will let you know if a site is part of a larger network, as well as the kind of software used to run its games. This is a good indicator of how trustworthy and reputable a site is, and also lets you know what sort of quality of games you can expect.

Look out for the return to player (RTP). This is the average percentage of wins a player will get. So if the RTP is 75% and you spend £100, expect to only win 75% of that (£75) back. Look for sites with better odds – new bingo sites with a RTP in the high 90s are a good shout.

Have a look at the bonuses and promotions on offer, as these usually give a good indicator of how the bingo site treats its regular players. Is there a huge welcome bonus but not much in the way of a loyalty scheme or rewards for inviting friends and playing chat games? This could mean the site is just after as many players as possible with no real care for them as there’s no incentive to stay and no community spirit. Look for no deposit bonuses redeposit bonuses; refer a friend schemes, VIP schemes and loyalty promotions.Glossy Bingo

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Bingo Sites Accepting Ukash

Ukash is a very widely accepted method of bingo payment within the UK, so there are loads of big named sites (both desktop sites and mobile bingo sites) as well as smaller and more unknown sites accepting Ukash in addition to their other safe payment methods. This does mean that it could take a long time for you to pick a site, which is why we have created our portal! For our pick of the best, check out:

And hundreds more! You don’t have to create an account and move your money from here, there and everywhere to enjoy playing bingo safely and securely – just read our reviews and use our expert info and insight to choose your fave Ukash site and play!

Bonuses on Ukash Bingo Sites

The types of bonuses available on these bingo destinations vary, and dependent on your preference could sway you more towards a specific site.

One of the more increasingly common bonuses present on sites is the no-deposit bonus. This is where sites offer players a free bonus amount simply for signing up. This means no card details are required and you don’t have to spend a single penny before enjoying the games the site has to offer. Lucky Touch Bingo offers a generous no-deposit bonus of £15 for new players.

The most popular types of bonus though tend to be the first time deposit bonuses. These tend to be high, clocking in at 400% on sites like Glossy Bingo, so players receive well more than the money they have deposited in order to be able to play and win for longer. Some may offer additional gimmicks like a spin of their wheel to boost your bonus further. Wink Bingo offers this in addition to the 200% welcome bonus on offer, and the spin guarantees the player anywhere from £15 - £1,000 in bonus funds.

Another add-on to welcome bonuses can be redeposit bonuses. Some sites offer these generous bonuses over a few deposits. This is the case with Lucky Touch Bingo, who offer 350% on your first deposit, 250% on your second deposit and a final 300% bonus on your third deposit.

Bonuses can also come in the form of non-monetary prizes. These can range from anything to Amazon vouchers as a bonus for referring a friend to loyalty points for winning chat games. You’ll usually find a list of all these, alongside many other promotional games and offers, under the Promotions tab on the bingo website in question.

Where to Find Ukash

You know those shops on the high street that brandish a blue and yellow PayPoint sign? These are the shops that sell Ukash and there are roughly 40,000 of them in the UK alone! You can even hit the Ukash official site to find the nearest store to you, so getting your hands on a voucher is not as tricky as you may think.

Are There Alternative Options?

But if you’re still not completely sold on using Ukash then don’t worry as there are other safe online payment options to try out.

For starters you could try using PayPal; this is an incredibly safe E-Wallet system that comes with a wealth of benefits. For example it uses a series of secure servers to ensure that your cash is 100% safe and it also allows for instant transactions between the site you’re using and your bank account so it’s easy to keep track of how much money is going into and out of your account on a regular basis.

However, it does have one problem that Ukash doesn’t and that is your account can often be locked without warning and to have it unlocked again requires you to go through a laborious identification process with the PayPal staff to get access to any cash that you left in it.

An alternate option to PayPal that’s quite similar to Ukash is Paysafecard; this behaves in almost the same way as Ukash since you’re placing various amounts of money on a small card that you can then carry around. Where it differs is that Paysafecard only uses 16-digits for their security rather than Ukash’s 19 and when you want to make a deposit you’re restricted to pre-set amounts so you can put in specific amounts of money.

Another option you could always try is using phone bill payments. This relatively new system is unique in that you don’t have to pay anything upfront, instead what happens is the amount you deposit into your account is charged at the end of the month on your phone contract or taken out of any mobile credit you have. It’s a quick, easy and fast system that lets you get straight back to playing your favourite games.

Although there is one downside and that is the fact you’re stuck to making single £10 deposits at a time, so if you want to play with anything larger than £10 you’re going to have to work your way up to it in single £10 increments at a time which can often take quite a long time.

Although they have a few problems these alternate online payment systems are great for certain occasions and situations. PayPal for example is good for when you want to get your money instantly out of your casino account and straight into your bank account or vice versa.

The Paysafecards on the other hand are ideal for playing across a large number of websites since they’re almost universally accepted, plus they’re quick so if you want to just deposit and jump straight into a game then they’re a great choice.

Then there’s the phone bill payments, although you can’t deposit more than £10 it’s a method that’s perfect for mobile players as you can quickly drop cash into your account using your phone without having to navigate around various website screens or enter codes from cards.


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By reading our advice and following the handy tips above, you should be sure to find your perfect bingo destination. We are confident that our advice will help you on your way to the best Ukash gaming experience possible.